Fresh ICE

  • Extremely quiet bathroom fan
  • Fully automatic, the performance of the fan is controlled via many sensors
  • Light sensor
  • Odor sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Removable impellor- easy to clean
  • Many setting options- via the touch panel or App.
  • 5 years warranty
  • Manufactured in Sweden

Item № Model Color Sound pressure level Output Capacity Price VAT included
197406 Fresh ICE white 19 dB 2-5 W 140 m3/h 294

Smart ventilation

Equipped with sophisticated sensors in combination with its extracting capacity, Fresh ICE is optimized to offer you fresh and healthy bathroom environment. 

Air quality sensor

Fresh ICE is the only bathroom fan in the world equipped with an air quality sensor that is able to detect strong odors and eliminate them by increasing its suction capacity to ensure fresh air in the bathroom

Superior Pressure Performance  

The fan is completely unrivalled when it comes to extraction capacity, which means it can cope with long ducts and bends without compromising ventilationСаморегулиращ се Humidity sensor

Fresh ICE has fully automatic humidity control which means that the fan will increase its suction capacity when humidity level is increased in the bathroom and will have worked until the average level is reached.

Extremely quiet

Although Fresh ICE is equipped with more powerful motor compared to the previous models, the fan is almost silent.


Fresh ICE has many smart features including light sensor and airing function. The activation of the fan is fully automatic and there is no need for external switch. The fan is therefore ideal for many areas subjected to moisture and odors such as bathrooms, basements or holiday houses.  

Touch panel

An intuitive and unique touch panel activates when ON/OFF button is touched and the basic settings could be adjusted. When you are finished, the screen dims and become virtually invisible again.

Fine settings via the App

With our Fresh Ventilation Bluetooth App, you are able to personalize the performance of the fan. It is very practical if the fan is mounted on the ceiling or in an area hard to reach.  

Easy to install and maintain

Thanks to its practical design and cable quick- connectors, Fresh Ice is easy to both install and mount. The impellor is removable and it enables cleaning. The fan is certified for both ceiling and wall installation

Developed, Designed and Manufactured in Sweden

Fresh ICE is a bathroom fan of the future. It is a product of expert craftsmanship, experience, accuracy and precision. Swedish made quality with technology and design in perfect harmony.


Design Cover Plate

The Design Cover Plate is easily attached to the fan via magnetic fixtures.



  • Capacity: 140 м3/h
  • Sound level: 19 dB(A) 3m
  • Pressure: 57 Pa
  • Power consumption: 2-5 W
  • Spigot depth: 29 mm
  • Hole size:  100-130mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Protection rating: IP 44
  • Voltage: 100 - 240 V/AC
  • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
  • Certificates: Class II,  CE
  • Installation: ceiling and wall